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The Escort Mission

The worst missions make the best podcasts. Gaming, culture, politics, and news to rescue any NPC.

TEM Podcast 006: The One with the Key and the Time Mechanic

Mini-sode, guys! A quick mid-week ep. to make up for missing our regular weekend cast-a-thon. (By which I mean, a 2 hour show like all the others. The best laid plans, and all that.) Also, Josh wins the dice roll yet again.

You’re not going to believe this but we hardly mention Mass Effect and Fez, and only in the context of other games! Chaz is playing some classic PlayStation exclusives, Mike is on the Penny-Arcade tip (Penny-Arcade Sucks!), and Josh thinks Braid is Best Game Ever. Also, have you ever tried to describe a specific Braid puzzle? It turns out that’s challenging. 🙂

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