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The worst missions make the best podcasts. Gaming, culture, politics, and news to rescue any NPC.


Happy 1.0630137th Anniversary to The Escort Mission

It has been 388 days since we first announced this podcast, which makes today our 1.0630137th anniversary (I’m guessing that’s the calculator anniversary or something)! We just wrapped up our 43rd episode, which will be online soon.

Following our initial goal of one episode a week should have easily gotten us up to 52 by now, but scheduling and lives outside the podcast dictate that we’re a little behind that number. Fear not! More is to come.

For now, here’s a shot of us (plus show dog, Penny) enjoying some tasty food truck cuisine in celebration of this momentous occasion.


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Legitimizing the Roll

If you’ve ever listened to our podcast (and if you haven’t, why not?!), you’ll know we do a little something called “Roll for Host”, wherein each member of The Escort Mission uses to generate a number between 1 and 20 (inclusively) in order to determine who hosts that episode. Despite us all being gaming geeks, we’re not as big on our traditional tabletop accouterments…until now.

Three dee twen-tees

Three dee twen-tees

Now, before we begin each show, we can do it right. If anyone gets a 20, it’ll flash and we’ll all know who rules. Thanks to ThinkGeek for the awesome-itude.



Our Massive Growth

Judging by our Feedburner stats, The Escort Mission Podcast has got some actual listeners! Even if you discount our own subscriptions and maybe some bots, we currently have about 20 subscribers to the ‘cast. Thanks to all who have stopped by and are giving our weekly chat-a-thon an audition. You all rock.


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Credibility Ahoy

Apple has approved our podcast as being super awesome and now lists it in iTunes (well, it might be a couple days before it comes up in a search, but it’s there!). You can use the link in the sidebar or just follow the text below:

Subscribe to Podcast on iTunes

We’ve also been accepted by the BlackBerry podcast directory thingy, but I have no idea how you even access it as I don’t have a BlackBerry device.


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Introducing The Escort Mission Podcast

The forces of Mike, Josh, and Chaz have joined to work on a brand new podcast about gaming. Sure, there are plenty of podcasts that talk about games, but they don’t have our unique opinions, experiences, and knack for gamifying the podcast paradigm itself.

Our first episode has been recorded, but is still being produced. When it’s ready, you’ll be able to download it directly from this website, or you can grab it on iTunes (and subscribe and  add comments and a rating, too). Look for it soon.