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TEM Podcast 002: Listener Safety Violation

The Escort Mission Podcast

Our second podcast episode is in the can, and while it looks like it’s coming out on the same day as the first, it’s really not. In fact, nearly a week separates each episode! We just figured it made more sense to release both at the same time since while they may have been done then and then, we’re going official now, so, yeah. Two for the price of one, and all.

Our focus this time is a bit less narrow than our first episode as we split our time between the recent release of Fez, exploring the good and bad parts of DLC, and trying to reason with Tom Auxier’s Defense of Boring. Throughout the podcast honest and sometimes harsh opinions arise, which is when the real discussion begins, no?

We continue to have three amazing, auditory-pleasing ways to get the podcast:

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iTunes Store direct-linking/subscribing will be another option very soon.

Any comments, questions, or suggestions can be directed to Facebook, Twitter (@escortmission), Google+, or good ol’ email (mail[at]theescortmission[dot]com). Our FB/Twitter/G+ accounts are not feature or content-rich at the moment, but we’re still breaking ground on the website and podcast, so stick with us.

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