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The Escort Mission Podcast Blog

The worst missions make the best podcasts. Gaming, culture, politics, and news to rescue any NPC.

About Us

The Escort Mission is three friends named Mike, Josh, and Chaz who enjoy games, culture, politics, and news, and talk about them at length. Our website will have posts featuring our thoughts and discussions on these things, but the meat of the conversation will be on our (more-or-less) weekly podcast.

The podcast’s primary focus will be on video games for all major platforms, but it will also spread out to other media like television, movies, books, and music, because consuming vast quantities of all parts of our diverse culture and then chatting about them is pretty enjoyable.

Escort missions are a popular mechanic in many modern games that involve your character helping direct, or “escorting”, a non-player character to some destination, usually while trying to compensate for your temporary companion’s low health, bad aim, and terrible pathfinding. The tongue-in-cheek connection to something often maligned is not meant to reflect on the quality of our discussions in any way.

Email us at mail [at] theescortmission [dot] com.