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mass effect

TEM Podcast 001: A Massive Effect

The Escort Mission Podcast

The Escort Mission has finally gotten their act together and made their first podcast episode, and it is a massive one. Join Mike, Josh, and Chaz, if you would, in their seriously light-hearted audio-based discussion.

The topic of the day is Mass Effect 3 in all of its glory, which includes our thoughts on the game itself, its place in the trilogy, and the much ballyhooed ending. Thus, spoilers definitely¬†abound. We also introduce two features called “Not My Thing”, where particular idiosyncrasies get admitted, and “Best Game Ever”, where a game is chosen to be nominated and defended as one of the all-time greats.

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As soon as iTunes approves of our audio roundtable, we’ll be able to link it more Apple-like. However, you can do it manually right now by just using option #2 and adding it to iTunes’s Podcasts section via the Advanced->Subscribe to Podcast menu option.

We hope you enjoy our stream-of-consciousness conversation and check in with us each week (that’s the plan) for a new episode.

Show notes:



ME3 Indoctrination Theory

We briefly touched on the indoctrination theory in episode one, but gave it short shrift. I’ve ruminated on it further, and I have THOUGHTS! Giant spoilers ahead, matey! (more…)